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Linda Cassidy

my story so far

I graduated in 2005 with a BEd Honours Degree in Physical Education from Stranmillis University College, Belfast, Northern Ireland. After graduating I moved to Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia to teach Preschool initially.

I’ve always been Health & Fitness crazy, so after living there for just a short space of time I became exposed to the amazing, positive attitudes to the healthy lifestyle. Whilst grabbing the opportunity with two hands I jumped right into this industry as a career in Australia.

When I returned home to Northern Ireland in 2006 I taught for a few years in schools but I never seemed to settle.

There was always something brewing down deep in my gut to pursue a different career path. I absolutely love being a school teacher but my passion is definitely in fitness.

"My goal is to inspire people and enhance their lives by helping them to aspire to living healthier lifestyles through exercise & positive nutritional choices. To educate them on the types of physical movements and foods that will nourish and heal their bodies that will help them RESHAPE their lives."
Linda Cassidy

never look back

While living in Australia I decided to embrace this passion and started to Personal Train clients. This came natural because of my experience from many years coaching Women’s Artistic gymnastics and working in local gyms as a Fitness Consultant.

I embrace this passion and love for fitness by competing in figure competitions. While competing I have achieved EUROPEAN and UK titles and have been awarded my PRO Card.

I have always loved fitness and exercise, and became super intrigued with resistance training specifically from an early age, as my father had a gym at home and trained weights daily. By watching him and kept him company during his gym sessions I decided that I would like to ‘give it a go’ and from then I have never looked back.

After starting to see the results and positive changes in my body I decided in 2011 that I would really love to get into competitive sport again. I wanted a goal to aim towards so I decided to take part in NABBA (National Amateur Bodybuilding Association) where I entered the ‘Miss Trained Figure’ category achieving 3rd place.


My achievements to date in the Miss Trained Figure Category of Bodybuilding include:

Alex Magill

my story so far

I graduated from Napier University Edinburgh in 2005 with a BA in Business Studies hoping to come home and start my career even though I knew I was not cut out for the corporate world.  

However not long after returning I became pregnant with my first child.  After having my baby, I found my love for fitness and exercise again, as I was always quite a sporty child but also as I saw the positive changes in my body after giving birth.  

I was attending aerobics classes at my local gym 3 nights a week for many months when the teacher approached me and said you are fantastic at aerobics you have got great energy and enthusiasm why don’t you train to be an instructor?!we have a course running why don’t you apply? 

So I did and the rest is history!

Dream Come True!!!

I was not happy in my office job at all.  I felt like a caged animal and I knew I needed out.  So after working as a receptionist for 11 years and 10 in the fitness industry I decided to take the leap of faith and become a self-employed free-lance PT/Fitness Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist.  

I was absolutely delighted and so happy to wake up every day doing what I loved. Then in 2017 I became very ill and ended up in hospital and diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic. 

This totally turned my life upside down and it changed my view of my usual ‘go hard or go home‘ training and restrictive dieting. I now focus on a more holistic approach.  Looking at the whole person not just diet and exercise.

 Overall health is most important – physically, mentally and emotionally and now more than ever I am so passionate to help others live happy and healthy.

 My goal is to help people create a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle using exercise, movement, positive foods choices and mindset tools.  Showing that the number on the scale does not define who you are and that treating yourself with care and love is most important.


Since then, I have attained many Health & Fitness qualifications including:

and have worked in many leisure centres and gyms/studio’s part time while also working part time as a clerical officer. 

Meet Jade

Our Yoga Instructor

‘Growing up, I’ve always been interested in health and fitness: playing netball, swimming, training in the gym, dancing.

 In my early 20s after a netball injury I decided to give yoga a go to help me get back to full strength. 

For a long time I was hooked on the physical side of yoga – how flexible I could get, how far I could stretch, being the bendiest in the room. 

Over time though, I practiced with lots of different teachers, I went to yoga retreats and I started to feel the holistic benefits of the practice – the better sleep, the improved mood, the physical strength, the connection I felt with my mind and body. 

In 2019 I took the plunge to complete my yoga teacher training and qualified almost two years later in May 2021. 

That’s when Crescent Yoga was born and I’ve been teaching ever since alongside my full time job as a special educational needs teacher. 

In my yoga classes I like to focus on simplifying yoga and making it apply to the every day. 

I teach straightforward, functional physical sequences and combine them with breath work techniques and meditation practices that we can turn to time and time again to help us move through life with a little more ease. 

My philosophy is simple: I want to help you breathe better, move more and stress less. 

I want yoga to be another part of the toolkit you use to help improve your daily health and well-being. To help you to look after you. 


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