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Reshape 12 Week ONLINE Program

I was slowly gaining weight, especially round my tummy and there were clothes I couldn’t pull up over my thighs!  The most worrying thing was, I was starting to accept it because that’s what happens when you’re in your late 30’s, you’ve had a couple of kids and a busy lifestyle, isn’t it?!

I really needed a kick up the backside and decided to sort myself out and signed up to Linda’s “Bootiful Embrace” program. I’ve trained with her before so she had a fair idea on how to push me!

For me, this program has been much more than losing weight. I’ve regained my motivation for training and completely changed my lifestyle. I’m still enjoying chocolate, wine and chips but in a much more healthy way. Even my husband has started to change his bad habits as he’s seen my results!

The biggest lesson Linda has taught me is consistency. Both in training and diet. There will be times it’s all great and times it’s not so great, you just need to stick at it but if you do it will work!

I can’t thank Linda enough for the work she has done with me!”


Reshape 12 Week Class

So, I have known Linda for about 3 years now, firstly god love her listening to me she needs a medal for that alone!

I was so focused on loosing weight and getting skinny I was doing low calorie diets and loads of cardio. I went from 11 stone down to 7.7stone. This is when I met Linda, she give me the advice I needed to get myself healthy, I was eating more and joined the reshape group and got up to a healthy weight of 8.7stone. No longer hungry all the time and living life more.

 I use to suffer from anxiety and depression, always worrying and feeling I wasn’t good enough. Linda has just been such an inspiration to me, I don’t attend classes anymore for weight loss, I go because I want to be fit, I want to be healthy and I really enjoy weight training. I have started lifting heavier weights than I ever thought I could, and I couldn’t of done this without Linda. Everyone in the classes are so welcoming and supportive of each other and so many great friendships have been made.

I would highly recommended Linda to anyone, she is such a knowledgeable and supportive person and is just what you need to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

online client

Reshape 12 Week ONLINE Program

Linda has helped me see it is not about starving yourself or counting the calories religiously but eating the right foods, at the right time, hydrating the body and working the plan to suit my lifestyle and circumstances which is probably different to someone else. 
Linda worked with me and had substitutes for food I didn’t like and with two children under 3 she made it so that I wasn’t spending all my time preparing food and the eating plan was simple to stick to.  And I was never hungry!!

I lost 20 pounds in the 12 weeks, dropped 2 dress sizes and I feel like a new woman!  My energy levels are through the roof and I feel much more confident and content in myself.  Linda really pushed me to get to my goal, I am going to continue to maintain this and I still have another few lb I want to lose. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 12 weeks and although there were days I could have seen the HIIT training far enough and just wanted to eat cream eggs and haribo I am so proud and so glad I did not give into temptation.  I have really learnt that everything in moderation is the key to losing weight and maintaining the weight loss.  I am now educated on what foods are good and bad for me. 
I want to say a massive thank you to Linda for all her help and sorry for the days I am sure she wanted to slap me when I kept logging birthday cake and cream eggs on fitness pal!  I am looking forward to seeing what more I can achieve now and keep working towards my goals.


REshape 12 Week class

In July I starting training with Linda in RESHAPE and I could not recommend her classes enough. I started this training for many reasons, like most people to tone up try look and feel a bit better about myself but the main reason for me was for my mental health. 

After having my son I suffered with post natal depression and anxiety and still struggle with these every day. When I first started I was so nervous a class full of strangers I can’t explain how nerve wrecking that was but soon these strangers became people I enjoy seeing every week and made me feel so very welcome along with Linda. 

The laughs a giggles along with the workouts helped my mental health beyond words as well as the physical results and guidance on nutrition. 

Linda has made me feel a lot more like me and helped me in more ways than she knows – so thank you x